Glossary of Terms

Additional Driver/Drivers

Individuals that may use the rental vehicle other than the person that makes the reservation.

Each car rental service has its own policy in regard to additional drivers and fees for each additional driver. Depending on the car rental company, they will charge a daily fee either for each additional driver or a rate for the entire term of the rental agreement. Most companies do put a limit on the number of additional drivers that are allowed per rental. The renter should not allow any drivers that are not on the contract to operate the vehicle.

Age Restrictions

The maximum or minimum customer age for a given rental company.

The minimum age that a person can rent a car is 18. However, it is very rare to find a rental company that will offer a contract to a person that is younger than 22. The majority of rental companies set a minimum age of 25. Drivers that are younger than 25 will typically have to pay an additional surcharge.

The additional charge is for insurance reasons since younger drivers carry a greater risk. Consumers will also find that many of the rental companies set a maximum age requirement.

Airline Details

The details that pertain to the arrival time, flight number and airline.

The flight information can be helpful to the rental service if your flight is cancelled or delayed. In this event, the rental service will be informed of any problems with the flight and they will hold the reservation. To guard against any extra fees or being late for your pick-up, you should contact the rental company if you learn that your flight has been delayed or cancelled.

Airport Pick-up

Claiming the car and starting the rental agreement at the airport.

This is usually the easiest and most convenient way to start the rental agreement. Unless it is stated differently in the agreement, all of the airport fees should be included in the price quote. Most of the rental desks are in convenient locations in the airport and they will have a free shuttle to bring you to the lot. This option ensures that car will be ready and waiting for you upon your arrival.

Breakdown Protection

Roadside assistance for a situation where there is a vehicle malfunction

The car rental services have roadside service for situations where there is a problem with the vehicle. When you claim the vehicle from the rental service, it is important to ask for details about the breakdown protection. In the event of a breakdown, you should always contact the rental service and never let anyone work on the car unless they have been authorized by the car rental service.


Termination of the rental agreement, booking or reservation prior to picking the car up.

Cancelations can be made by following the link in the confirmation email. Some fees may apply to cancellations.

Car Rental Office Hours

The working time for a given car rental supplier

In many cases, the rental services located in airports will operate 24-hours a day. However, some rental services do have defined operating hours. Some companies will offer pick-up and drop-off services outside of their regular working hours, but they may charge additional fees for these services. Check the terms and conditions of your rental agreement for more details or contact a representative of the car rental service that you book with for more information.

Car Rental Supplier

The partner company that rents the car to the individual

You will receive information about the car rental supplier that will handle your rental agreement. This is the company that you will pick the car up from and drop the car off to.

Cash Rental

A car rental that is paid for with currency rather than through a credit card

Paying for the rental in cash is an option through some of the rental services. With cash payments, you will also need to pay the full amount of the deposit for the vehicle upon claiming the car. The deposit will be returned in cash when you drop the vehicle off. We do not offer cash rental booking on the website, you will need to book using one of the available payment options.

Collision Damage Waiver

A fee from the car rental service to limit the driver’s level of liability in the event of an accident

When the renter purchases CDW, the rental service agrees to waive the right to claim a high deductible form the renter if the car is damaged in an accident. Some car rental services offer the option of additional waiver protection and the specific details of the waiver agreement may vary from one service to the next. The Collision Damage Waiver is already included in the quotes unless it is stated otherwise in the agreement. For more information, the renter should check the terms and conditions of the rental agreement.


A document that describes the terms and conditions of the agreement between the renter and the car rental company

Every rental agency will make the renter sign a contract before they release the vehicle into their care.

The renter is responsible for reading and understanding the terms of the contract. The contract is strictly between the renter and the car rental service and we are not a party to or a witness in the signing of the contract.

Cross Border Travel

Taking the rental vehicle to a country other than the one from which it was rented

Car rental companies set their own conditions and restrictions in regard to cross border travel. If you plan to take the vehicle to another country, it is important to make sure that it is allowed.


The rental car being brought to the renter rather than being picked up from a rental location Different rental services have different policies in regard to rental car delivery. Contact the rental service for information on their delivery range and whether there are any additional fees for this service.

Drop-off Date

The date for which the car is to be returned to the rental company

It s important to note that there will probably be a drop-off time with the date. Renters should try to be early for the drop-off in order to avoid additional fees.

Drop-off location

The place where the rental car is to be returned at the end of the rental period

Early Return

Dropping the rental vehicle off before the designated drop-off date

The renter can return the car early if the need should arise. However, the renter will not be entitled to a refund for any of the days that are left on the contract.

Fleet List

A list of the rental cars that are available in a given location

International Driving Permit

This document shows that you are a licensed driver and it translates your license in to multiple languages

The International Driving Permit may be required in some countries. It is not a substitute for your regular driver’s license. Both documents will be required.

License Requirements

The rental company’s standard for driver status for the renter to be eligible for a contract

Most car rental companies set standards for the age of the renter and how long that they have had their license. This information will be verified before they release the car to the renter.

One-Way Rental

When the rental car is to be dropped off at a different location from the one where it was picked up

This is an option that can add additional costs to the rental agreement. Contact a representative of the rental company to find out more about one-way rental options and how much it will cost.

Options and Extras

Additional equipment and devices that can be added to the rental agreement

Car rental services do offer extras and optional equipment. This can include things like a navigation device, a child seat or additional drivers.

Passenger Capacity

That maximum number of occupants that can travel in a given rental car at one time

Pick-up Date

The date that the renter is scheduled to claim the vehicle from the rental service

Pick-up Location

The place where the vehicle will be released to the renter at the beginning of the rental period

Post Rental Charges

Fees that the car rental service may collect upon the conclusion of the rental agreement

Most rental agreements come with a list of potential post rental charges. The rental company could charge if the car is returned with an empty gas tank, if the car is unreasonably dirty, if there is some type of damage and more. It is important to read the terms and conditions so that you understand the additional charges that may be applied.

Pre-Rental Inspection

Checking the car for any damage or problems before it is released to the renter

You should inspect the car for any damage before you take it off the lot. If you find any damage, report it to the company so that they can document it and so that you can avoid being charged for it.

Rental Period

The complete time that the rental car has been reserved for

Security Deposit

Money that is held either on your credit card or in cash by the rental company during the term of the rental period

All car rental companies will require the renter to make a security deposit in case there is a claim for the insurance deductible. If there is no claim, the money will be released when the vehicle is returned.

Theft Waiver

A fee that is charged to the renter to reduce their liability in the event that the car is stolen This is not a form of theft insurance. When the renter purchases a theft waiver, the company agrees to waive the right to claim a high deductible against the renter. Unless it is specified otherwise, the theft waiver is included in all of the quoted prices. Read the terms and conditions of the agreement to learn more about the theft waiver.

Third Party Liability Insurance

Insurance to protect the driver in the event that there is an accident and a claim is filed against them

This insurance covers the driver for claims that may be made against them in the event of an accident.

This is included in the price of every claim unless it is stated otherwise.

Unlimited Mileage

A rental agreement where there is no restriction on the distance that can be travelled in the rental car Voucher

The proof of the agreement and purchase that is to be presented at the time that the car is claimed.This will be emailed to the renter upon confirmation of the booking and it must be presented to the rental service when you pick-up the car. The car rental service is bound to honour the terms of the voucher. If the voucher is not presented at the time of the pick-up, the rental service has no obligation to the renter and they will receive no refund.

Winter Fee

An additional charge that the rental service may charge for outfitting the car for winter driving

This will be included in the quoted price and it is used to cover the additional maintenance costs that come with winter driving.